Teri Chhaon Mein Episode 1 Review: Another Danish Taimoor Drama Where He Plays The Role Of An Obsessive Lover

HUM TV’s new drama Teri Chhaon Mein premiered this week, featuring Danish Taimoor and Laiba Khurram in the lead roles. In the first episode, we see Salaar (Danish Taimoor), a carefree young man, spotting the love of his life, Wadeema (Laiba Khurram), at a bus stop.

Salar spots Wadeema
Salar Follows Wadeema

The scene, however, comes across as somewhat unrealistic, as Wadeema doesn’t seem like someone who would evoke such a dramatic reaction. Additionally, Laiba Khurram’s acting in the initial episode was quite flat. We hope that in the upcoming episodes, we will see an improvement in her performance.

Salar, Wadeema and her mother

Repetition of Roles For Danish Taimoor

Danish Taimoor has built a reputation for playing obsessive lovers, a role he has taken on in several dramas over the past four years, including Deewangi, Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi, Ishq Hai, and Rah-e-Junoon. While Danish Taimoor is undoubtedly a talented actor, the audience is eager to see him in a different light. Continuously playing similar roles can feel like a waste of his versatile acting skills, and viewers are yearning for more variety in his performances.

Wadeema feels caged

Will Teri Chhaon Mein Improve?

Frankly, the first episode of Teri Chhaon Mein was not able to convince the audience to switch on their screens for the next episode. However, for the sake of the director, producer, actors, and the entire team, we hope that the drama takes a turn for the better and captures the audience’s interest in the episodes to come.

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