Nayab Wins “Best Foreign Film” Award At Cannes Film Festival 2024

Yumna Zaidi starrer and director Umair Nasir Ali’s debut feature film Nayab wins Best Foreign Film and Best First Time Filmmaker (feature) at Cannes Film Festival. This is a proud moment for the Pakistan Film Industry. The film stood out among entries from USA, France, India, Nepal, Canada and Iran. Apart from the very talented Yumna Zaidi, Nayab’s cast includes Usama Khan, Fawad Khan, Noreen Gulwani and Javed Sheikh. Yumna Zaidi is often regarded as the uncrowned queen of the drama industry, a title she has earned through her exceptional acting skills and versatility

Nayab Fans Excited At The Film’s Success

The fans are ecstatic about the film’s success, and this joy is evident in their comments on social media.

Fans comments

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