Jaan e Jahan Last Episode Review: The Emotional Finale

“Jaan E Jahan” concluded its journey on Friday, May 24th, 2024, marking the end of one of Pakistan’s most exquisite romantic dramas in recent years. Starring Hamza Ali Abbasi and Ayeza Khan in lead roles, the series that reunited the beloved duo from “Pyaray Afzal” after a decade, has finally healed the trauma the audience went through at the sad end of Pyaraz Afzal. The supporting cast, including Savera Nadeem, Haaris Waheed, Raza Talish, Asif Raza Mir, Nawal Saeed, Saqib Sameer, and Srha Asghar, brought to life a story written by Rida Bilal and directed by Qasim Ali Mureed.

The Heart-Wrenching Finale of Jaan e Jahan

In the final episode, Kishwar (Savera Nadeem) is left mourning the loss of her eldest and favorite son, Tabraiz (Haaris Waheed), whom she had devoted her life to. She was so blinded by her love for Tabraiz that she ended up neglecting her younger son Abdul (Raza Talish) and hating her stepson Shehram (Hamza Ali Abbasi). Kishwar’s ego-driven decisions, including the murder of her husband for wealth, reflect her flawed love for Tabraiz, which ultimately led to his tragic end. Shehram, in contrast, grew up with the kindness and compassion of his father, Murad, and his mother, Rehana. Despite Kishwar’s manipulative nature, Shehram embraced her, only to be used for her personal gain. Abdul, initially neglected, found solace and happiness under Shehram’s guidance. The emotional scene between Shehram and Kishwar left the audience in tears. Savera Nadeem’s acting prowess can never be denied and Hamza Ali Abbasi played the scene to perfection.

Shehram and Kishwar's emotional scene
Kishwar leaves the haveli
Kishwar's journey of self discovery

A Satisfying Conclusion

The series wraps up with Shehram winning the election, Abdul successfully managing the factory, and Aaliyah (Srha Asghar) and Abdul rekindling their bond, hinting at future romance. The wedding of Shehram and Mahnoor is the joyous union the viewers were waiting for.

Mahnoor and Shehram's wedding
Mahnoor and Shehram's wedding

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Ayeza Khan have given stellar performances throughout the drama. This drama will definitely be cherished for years to come. Jaan e Jahan is a truly a masterpiece of Pakistani drama industry, which will always be remembered fondly.

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