Namak Haram Last Episode Review: Viewers Not Impressed With The Ending Of The Drama

The finale of “Namak Haram,” which aired on HUM TV, brought a dramatic and intense conclusion to the story of Mureed (played by Imran Ashraf) and his complex journey of revenge against his employer, Amin Qureshi (Babar Ali). Mureed, driven by a desire to avenge his mother’s death, had orchestrated a plan to trap and marry Amin’s daughter Asma (Sarah Khan). Throughout the series, his relationship with Asma evolved, complicating his feelings as he began to fall in love with her.

Asma and Mureed

Viewers Left Dissatisfied With The Ending Of Namak Haram

The finale of “Namak Haram” on HUM TV has received significant backlash from viewers. The unexpected and tragic death of the protagonist, Mureed, played by Imran Ashraf, left many fans disappointed. Mureed’s demise at the hands of Amin Qureshi (Babar Ali) and the subsequent focus on Asma (Sarah Khan) dedicating her life to raising their son was seen as an unsatisfying and sad conclusion to the series​.

Amin Qureshi and Mureed
Mureed shot by Amin Qureshi
Mureed Shot Dead

Viewers expressed their frustration on social media, criticizing the show’s ending as a repetitive trope of HUM TV, referencing other dramas like “Zulm” that also had unsatisfactory conclusions. Despite this, Imran Ashraf’s performance was widely praised

Asma with her son

The general sentiment indicates a mix of appreciation for the acting and storyline, but a strong dislike for the final plot twist and resolution. Fans expected a more positive or at least a less tragic ending, which contributed to the overall dissatisfaction with the drama’s conclusion​.

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